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Customer ServiceHobart Maxi Taxi
Hobart Maxis drivers and management take customer service very seriously and welcome any feedback, positive or negative. Our goal is to provide the best service across the industry and specifically focus our energy on the following areas:

  • Efficiency & punctuality • Safety for both passengers & drivers • Comfort & courtesy
  • Appearance & cleanliness • Extra effort to ensure a pleasant trip

Passenger Safety – In addition to intensive driver training regarding safety issues, each Hobart Maxis is installed with a sophisticated tracking system which allows the dispatch team to specifically locate any vehicle at any time. They are also fitted with a camera which records constantly throughout the journey and is legally required in all taxi vehicles in Australia. Finally each vehicle contains a ‘Panic Button’ in the unlikely event of an emergency or a breach of safety.

EFTPOS – All our Maxi’s are fitted with Eftpos services. This is a convenient and safe cash alternative.

GPS System – Each Maxi is fitted with the latest technology and are supplied with a GPS system which enables accurate information to guide the driver to a destination in a timely manner.

Hobart Maxi Taxi Wheel Chairs
Our fleet consists of 9 Toyota Commuter and 5 LDV Simca vehicles, specialising in the transport of wheelchair reliant and special need customers through out southern Tasmania. We regularly service organizations such as, the Education Dept, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Disability services, Tourism and individual customers.
Hobart Maxi Taxi Group Bookings
The maxi vehicles are a great way to transport groups on tours or going out for a meal or to the Casino etc.
Hobart Maxi Taxi Tours
Our vehicles are very popular for touring Tasmania, whether you want to go to the top of Mt Wellington, Port Arthur, or the Huon Valley.
Hobart Maxi Taxi Outings
Many of our regular clients use our services for day trips or outings. Whether they are visiting family or going out for a meal, we can be there to pick them up and return them at any time 24 Hrs a day.
    Hobart Maxi Taxi Groceries
Maxis are an ideal way to transport your groceries or larger purchases. Such as, Large Screen TV’s or Sporting Equipment packaged in large boxes that wont fit in a car.